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Having Peaceful Sleep is a Reachable Dream

125 Nights Risk Free trials, 12 years warranty.

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125 Nights Free Trail

Sleep on us, jump on us, laugh with us, and if you don’t find us comfortable , feel free to return.

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12 Years of Commitment

Your sleep-related worries will become ours for these 12 years

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Compact and Concise

We deliver in a box that quickly unfolds into a slice of comfort.

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Proudly Indian

Sticking to our humble roots, we procure our materials and manufacture them only in India.

A Sosleepy that
suits you best

Our products are curated with high-quality raw materials and are engineered to offer top-notch results. Choose from our two variants that suit all age groups and physiques

Sosleepy Therapadic Mattress

Therapadic Mattress

Designed to suit not just one but all. Innovative mattress developed especially to adapt all body types. Therapedic mattresses adapt according to the body postures while sleeping. This assures the highest comfort to every part of the body. Temperature and density of therapedic mattress are adjusted to meet the body's requirement while sleeping. Our Therapedic mattress offers proper undisturbed sleep which has many physical and mental health benefits; essential for people of all age groups.

Orthopedic Mattress

Specially engineered for that much-needed support. Ideally, for people in the higher-age group with joint/muscle/back pains or senior citizens who need some added back support. Our Orthopedic mattresses are comparatively firmer than the usual mattress, this enhances the back support and quality your sleep. Senior citizens and people involved in regular strenuous physical activities will find our Orthopedic mattresses custom made to cater to their orthopedic requirements

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Sosleepy Orthopedic Mattress
Charcoal + Gel Infused Mattress

Charcoal + Gel Infused

Mattresses are the perfect hiding place for dust and mites that are not visible to the naked eye. Charcoal and Cooling Gel infused futons absorb all the moisture released by our body to eliminate odor as well as control and regulate the humidity and temperature by keeping us cool. The particles of these ingredients seep into the deepest corners of your mattress ensuring quality persists.
The presence of charcoal particles ensures the absence of dust and mites in the mattress

Zero Partner Disturbance

The mattress promotes elasticity and supports force exerted on it with the help of its open cell structure. This Ensures Zero Partner Disturbance, and ensures that you sleep without any discomfort. Let your partner twist and turn all they want, we promise to be your sleep warriors.

Zip Covers

Accidentally spilling juice, snacks or anything for that matter is completely uncertain but if the same thing happens on a mattress, it can become a nightmare. A removable zip cover can significantly reduce the efforts required to clean your mess. These zip covers are washable and since they have a zip are very easy to remove and put on as and when required.

Anti-Skid Bottom

A mattress with an anti-skid bottom ensures that when people get on top of it, it doesn’t move from its original position. Anti-skid mattresses offer a more stable and firm posture to the body in both standing and sitting positions. Our body needs a stable surface to maintain an erect and upright sitting posture and a flat lying or properly curved sleeping posture, this is only achievable if the surface of the mattress is stable which is only possible through an anti-skid bottom.

125 Days Risk Free Trail

We make ample adjustments in life, but when it comes to SoSleepy, you keep it only if you really like it, no compromises involved. Your comfort is of utmost importance and if our mattress fails to satisfy your expectations, then return it to us anytime between 1-125 days without any transportation fee.

Our Secrets Revealed

We at Sosleepy believe in being transparent about our business with our end customers

Reasonable Price

We believe that quality does not always have to be expensive. We have set reasonable prices for all our products at SoSleepy. These prices ensure that our customers benefit from their purchases and get as much as we can provide for the price they pay.






Operations & Marketing






Retail Overhead

(Rent, Salaries, Electricity, Commision)









Total MRP 19,500 35,500

*sample comparison between SoSleepy king-size mattress and traditional mattress.

No Middlemen Involved

Being in the industry for years has helped us understand and learn the supply chain. At SoSleepy we have eliminated the involvement of middlemen, which significantly helps reduce the cost of our products which will in return help you save 50% from the originally estimated price. A win-win situation for us and our customers.

Made in India

Made In India

We understand the benefits of ‘Make In India’, the boost it gives to our economy is much needed in the present times. At SoSleepy we extract raw materials and process the making and packaging of our goods in India. This is our tiny effort to contribute to our country.

Made in India
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Can a good mattress cure back pain?

Back pains are considered a standard issue among the millennials, often neglected and ignored until it gets severe. These chronic back pains can turn painful if not acted upon when necessary. A fast-moving lifestyle and changes in food habits, can lead the body to be prone to experience muscle and joint aches. Support systems of our body aka Back and spinal cord get affected the most. Although, what most of us don't realize is that a right mattress can make significant changes in our posture.

If you are someone who is experiencing regular sleep discomfort leading to - waking up with a soreness, lower back pain every morning, you should definitely switch to an orthopedic mattress. They are recommended by doctors to people facing frequent and recurring aches.

Secondly, if you are diagnosed with spinal alignment issues or back/neck problems, it is best to start sleeping on an orthopedic mattress.

Lastly, if you feel you have poor posture, your neck, shoulders and back are constantly strained due to long working hours or you are prone to joint or muscle related injuries, it is recommended to invest in an orthopedic mattress as prevention is better than cure.

When muscles are not relieved and are not given proper support, they start paining because of the absence of quality rest. A right mattress offers utmost care to your back and keeps muscles active while sleeping.

Orthopedic mattresses are specially engineered to provide maximum support to the back and spine. These mattresses are suitable for people who experience frequent back pains or belong to the age group of above 50. Orthopedic Mattresses comprises two layers of foam 1. Highly Responsive and 2. Super soft foam. These foams are capable of adapting to the body pressures and ensure that the back and spine gets full support. Orthopedic beds can provide unparalleled back support and also help you get an undisturbed sleep all night.

Medicines can heal the pain, but mattresses are long-run remedies. There are zero negative impacts. Orthopedic beds can help you sleep better! This can help the body in many ways. It can keep you fit and healthy, both physically and mentally. By choosing a SoSleepy Orthopedic mattress, you make the better choice for your overall health.

It is essential to understand that our body is our responsibility, the more we ignore signs and symptoms of harmful changes, the higher are our chances of leading a more dependent life. Start making wise choices for your body from today, and what's better than a new mattress?