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5 exercises to do on your mattress

Ever had a day when you plan to wake up early in the morning for a workout but can't? Does it feel impossible to step out of bed for a workout every day? Are you lazy enough to skip the workout session but worried about your fitness? If you are not a morning person and gym workouts are not your cup of tea, workout in bed can be a good thing for you. Exercise on the bed is similar to working out on mats and exercise balls. It increases your core strength and improves balances. A schedule of bed exercises can help you get a fit body and can improve the strength of muscle areas of the body like abs and glutes. 

Here are  5 exercises to do on your mattress,

  1. Straight leg lifts

 Straight leg lifts focus on the quadriceps on the front of the thighs. It is beneficial for people suffering from knee pain. This is a  type of physical therapy that helps to reduce joint pain or instability in muscles. To perform straight leg lifts, lie on your back, legs straight, feet flexed, and toes towards the ceiling. Lift one leg and form an acute angle, pressurize the quadriceps on the front of the thigh, hold for a second and repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat it 20 times with 30 seconds rest in between each set.


  1. Butterfly bridges

 Butterfly bridges increase the core strength of muscles in your glutes and hips. People who tend to sit more in a day maybe for work or any other purpose should add butterfly bridges in their workout routine. It is a simple exercise to perform without leaving your bed. For this exercise, lie on your back, bend your knees and then place the bottom of your feet together with knees open. It will look like Butterfly Wings. Put your arms by your side and press your palms into the mattress. Lift your hips and lower down yourself before your butt touches the bed. Repeat 20 times with a rest for a few seconds.


  1. Leg raises

 Leg raises increase the core strength of your legs, hips, thighs, and calves. It is a simple exercise but can add good value to your workout routine. Leg raise is an easy exercise, simply lie on your back and put your hands underneath your butt. Press your palms down the mattress, raise your legs straight in the air. Try making a perpendicular angle between both the legs hold for a second and lower your leg towards the bed. Try alternate legs repeatedly for 40 times.


  1. Cross ankle hamstring stretch

Cross ankle hamstring stretch can help you strengthen your thighs and hips. This exercise can increase the strength and balance of your leg. Cross ankle hamstring stretch is easy to perform, just lie on your back with bent knees and feet flat on your mattress. Cross your right ankle over your left thigh. Once you feel that stretch is enough, hold on to your right thigh for 20 seconds. For hamstring stretch, lift the left leg up and put your hands behind the top of the left thigh hold for a few seconds, and switch legs. Repeat the same 20 times with rest for a few seconds in between. 


  1. Supine twist

 The supine twist is a stretching exercise that focuses on the muscles of the full body. The supine twist is performed to improve the core strength of muscles. It is easy to perform,  just lie on your mattress in the fetal position facing the right side. Form 90 degrees by bending your knees, place your arms in front of your right shoulder. Take a pillow to support your head. Take a deep breath and lift the top arm. Rotate to the point of comfort, it is easy for some people to perform spine twists and rotate their body. If you can't do it easily with flex, rest your left hand next to your head on top of the pillow. Hold for a few seconds and bring left hand back to right arm turn and switch sides to practice proper stretching of the body.