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How is sleep and mental health correlated?

Sleep has always been an integral part of human life. As children, we all have
complained, argued, and even cried when bedtime would strike on the clock, but
its only when we start growing older do we realize the actual importance of
sleep. Have you ever wondered why suddenly we start liking the idea of sleep?
Why is it that by the time the idea of getting a peaceful sleep sounds more
interesting then an outing?

From the fetus stage until senior years, most humans have got some sleep at least once in 24 hours. It is impossible to refrain from falling asleep without any
physician-prescribed medications or high amounts of caffeine. The reason why it
is difficult to stop our bodies from lulling away is that sleep is recurring.

The human body has been designed to perfection; it has an inbuilt mechanismthat heals and rejuvenates our muscles and brain during sleep. Lack of sleep is the root of many health issues; most importantly, mental health issues are often sidelined due to the hectic grind of daily life. People with a deficiency of an ample amount of sleep end up suffering from insomnia and, in some cases, even issues that take a longer time to discover.

Our sleep brings comfort and rest to our body and ensures that it is well prepared for the struggles of the next day. Only through sleep can we put our minds back in motion without getting distracted from our work. Lack of sleep also causes short attention spans; the mind starts acting upon commands at a slower pace and many more issues.

The question is, how does one battle with sleep issues? While there are many
solutions to overcome sleep-related problems, an easy option is to replace your
mattress with a good quality Orthopedic or Therapedic Mattress.

An Orthopaedic mattress significantly enhances people's sleep quality who are already suffering from joint and muscle problems and find it difficult to fall asleep.

These mattresses provide extra support to its sleepers and help them sleep
soundly. On the other hand, a Therapedic mattress works wonders for all age
groups and sizes with its adaptive nature. The upper memory foam layer adjusts
to the body shape, and makes sure one sleeps comfortably through the night.

These mattresses are designed so that they adhere to every individuals needs and requirements.

Using a mattress that suits and fulfills the bodys requirements makes falling into a healthy deep sleep a matter of seconds. The change of bed can bring about positive changes in millennials sleep cycle, making combating mental health issues related to lack of sleep a possible feat.

Your body and health are your responsibility; making the right choices can give
fruitful results in the long run of life.

Use of good pillows and duvets also helps our body to sleep better