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How to choose a perfect pillow for good sleep | Sosleepy Blogs

When was the last time you thought about replacing a pillow? How do you choose the right pillow for you? The mattress can lock your mind with thoughts but no one worries about pillows. Well, because, many of us think pillows are not as important as mattresses or beds. Here’s an answer, pillows affect the quality of sleep just like mattresses and can keep you awake if you fail to choose the perfect fit. Just like a mattress, pillows are responsible for a good night’s sleep and contribute equally to the type of sleep. 

      The thought of buying a new pillow never troubles us unless we start waking up restlessly. There are times when despite sleeping for 8 long hours, you wake up with pain in the neck and back. Well, the mattress can cause back pains but the problem with pain in the neck is your pillow. Lack of alignment or no sufficient support can make your headrest without proper support and eventually it causes pain. Sometimes it’s also the fabric of your pillow, basically the pillow cover that harms your sleep. Pillow fillings, size, warranty, etc are some factors that need attention while buying a perfect pillow. If you are stuck with what pillow to go with,

here is a guide of how to choose a perfect pillow for good sleep, 

  • Sleeping positions

Sleeping positions differ from person to person. Have you ever considered your sleeping position while buying a mattress or pillow? No wonder if the answer is no because not many of us do. However, your sleeping position plays a vital role while deciding on what type of pillow to buy. Therefore, it is important to figure out your preferred sleeping position and a pillow according to that.  

  • Back sleepers- If you are someone who sleeps flat on your back, a pillow that supports your back and spine will suit you best. A thin flat pillow can keep your back and neck aligned, helping you sleep in the most comfortable position. 
  • Stomach sleepers- For someone who sleeps on their stomach,  a relatively flat but soft pillow can bring some really good and comfortable sleep. It helps your head sink in and project it from rising high. This eventually helps you sleep comfortably and allows you to turn your head and switch sides. It prevents the head from unnecessary pressure and keeps it in proper alignment. 
  • Side sleepers- If you’re someone who snuggles in your bed and sleeps on the sides, it’s your spine that needs the most support. Contoured pillows bring good and comfortable sleep for side sleepers and keep the spine aligned throughout the night. Curling on one side and snoozing can make your back pain if you lack support. 
  • Pains

Pillows are the number one remedy for neck pains. Awareness of proper sleeping pillows can help you combat neck pains easily. A proper pillow can keep your neck and spine rest in aligned positions which allow the body to rest comfortably. Traditional pillow fillings or for that purpose, any pillow when turns old, become lumpy over time and can cause pains. When you find lumps and clogs inside the composition of your pillow, it’s time to buy a new one. For instance, Memory foam orthopedic pillows can give utmost relief to the neck and spine.

  • Allergies

The majority of people face nasal allergies or facial allergies because of the sleeping pillows they use. Sleeping pillows are infused with chemicals to keep them fresh and smell-free. But by time, such chemicals lose their base and start growing into the very cause for smells and allergies. Not to forget, pillows are the best hideaways for dust mites and allergens. Also, the dead skin cells shred during nights are absorbed by pillows and can cause itching and allergies on the face. To avoid such discrepancies, it is better to choose a chemical-free pillow. Charcoal infused or gel-infused memory foam pillows keep allergens at bay and keep the pillows cool and fresh even after years of use. 

  • Composition 

The composition or fillings of the pillow determine the type of pillow you want. With advancements in technology, there are a number of options available to choose from. Depending upon the softness or firmness you desire, you can pick a perfect companion for your sleep. Out of many options like memory foam, latex, traditional, cotton-filled, or orthopedic pillow, it is important to choose a pillow that helps you sleep comfortably. The composition also determines the nature of your pillow, like whether it is a heat trapper or heat absorber or there is proper air ventilation. The hard and sophisticated composition can sabotage the air passage and it can make you feel heated. Pillows with proper air ventilation and open-cell structures are best to choose as sleep partners. 

  • Size

Some people sleep swirling on with the pillow but most use it as support below the head. People who sleep on their stomach use small pillows as belly supports, and pregnant women use pregnancy pillows for side support. People facing severe neck pains or back pains use orthopedic contour pillows for proper alignment. Sizes differ but the task is to provide proper support and keep the body resting in the most comfortable position. Pillows are a package that helps you with good sleep. So when it comes to buying a perfect pillow, your comfort goes over favorite. You might want a small pillow but it cannot make you sleep peacefully like the one with regular size does. 

Hence, it is important to choose a pillow that makes you snuggle in your bed peacefully and ceases prolonged awakenings caused due to bad pillow. 

To tackle your different sleeping issues may not be a one-day job. It takes time and happens gradually. One change that you can make to inculcate a good sleep pattern and routine and healthy environment is to change things that form the sleep-environment. Change it to a more comfortable and soothing mattress or pillows or duvets.