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Separate your workplace from your sleep space

To separate your workplace from your sleep space becomes important when you are working from home. Work from home is a culture that emerged drastically during the covid19 lockdown period. Office work intervened in personal lives and the bedroom changed to an office cabin. Morning workouts were replaced by morning meetings and were attended in comfortable pajamas from the bed. To keep the tendency to sleep out during working hours, it becomes essential to keep the things away that reminds you of sleep. Working in a place where you sleep regularly like a bedroom can create disturbances while you wk. You find yourself yawning and stretching every couple of minutes. It affects the quality of sleep you get and impacts negatively on your health. If you are working from your sleep space,  

Here are points that justify why separating your workplace from your sleep space is always a better option, 

1. Affects your work productivity

Working from the same place where you sleep can distract you easily. You feel sleepy more than fresh and active. The focus shifts from work to bed and sleeps more often. You fail to deliver the best of you. You find yourself struggling to complete the task. It is evident that bedrooms are comfortable than any other place. It allows you to work in the comfort zone you prefer. But to complete work tasks, concentration is required more than comfort. Working in the same place where you rest can provoke you to nap easily. To avoid such circumstances, it is important to separate your workplace from your sleep space. 

2. Makes you habitual of staying awake on bed

The bedroom is a place to rest, rejuvenate. When you start working from your bedroom or from the place you sleep, you become used to it. Your brain may keep functioning even at times when you taking a nap. Thoughts related to your work may keep bugging your head when you try to relax. As the place is the same, it becomes difficult to resist such thoughts. There are many pieces of research that back the fact about insomnia and sleep disorders caused due to working in bed. You may end up sleeping restlessly. 

3. Affects your sleep hygiene

Healthy sleep hygiene can help you combat many sleep-related issues. A good and comfortable mattress, pillows, a blanket to curl into, and a dark environment with a suitable cold-warm temperature make perfect sleep hygiene. When you work in the place you sleep, you harm your sleep hygiene. It can affect your sleeping patterns and habits. It can impact the quality of sleep you get negatively. 

4. Affects the circadian rhythm of your body

Circadian rhythm is the 24 hours sleep-wake cycle that directs the brain bout day and night. Exposure of light determines day and night for the circadian rhythm. When you work overnight or from the place you usually sleep, your brain gets confused. The time to sleep and work gets manipulated and hence it becomes difficult to sleep at the time when you want to. Brain stop passing sleep signals as every activity seems the same when you are working from your sleep space.

5. Affects you mentally

When you get restless sleep, you tend to become more anxious and furious. Physical sickness makes its way towards you when you are deprived of good sleep. Working in the place you sleep gives you mood swings. Stress and anxiety can cause depression. 


To tackle your different sleeping issues may not be a one-day job. It takes time and happens gradually. One change that you can make to inculcate a good sleep pattern and routine and healthy environment is to change things that form the sleep-environment. Change it to a more comfortable and soothing mattress or pillows or duvets.