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Signs that say it’s time for a new mattress?



The mattress is never acknowledged as an essential part of our life. A good mattress reflects positively on our overall health and well being. A good mattress for good sleep is as important as healthy food to our body. But what about the time when the mattress turns old? How long can a mattress contribute to good sleep without changing? Somewhere around 7 years, the mattress can help you sleep peacefully. But later on, you start noticing changes in your sleep quality because of your mattress. 

Have you ever thought about how to keep a track of the mattress getting old? Well, no wonder if you have never thought about it because not many of us do. But when you spend about 1/3rd of your sleeping, it becomes important to know and trace the changes. Such signs of the mattress getting old are important to take care of for avoiding uncertainties and sleepless nights. An old mattress brings in many problems and it is important to change and replace it before it starts showing health risks.

If you are using your mattress for more than 8 or 10 years, and want to understand the quality of the mattress and the signs that address it’s old, 

   Here are signs

 that say it’s time for a new mattress,


When you find your mattress drooping down on its weight and saggy, it’s high time you consider changing your mattress. After years of use, the mattress fails to adapt to the body structure. It may not give proper support. It becomes difficult to sleep with insufficient back support. Sagging results in back pain and can cause sore muscles too. So when you find your mattress sagging, start the hunt of finding a new sleep companion for yourself.


Mattresses don’t usually enable impression on their surface.  Impression means the sinking of the surface that holds the inside mass of the mattress. When this happens, it leads to restless nights and disturbed sleep. When you start seeing the impression of your body on the surface of the mattress a long time after you walk out of it, it’s time to say goodbye to your old friend.


The density of the mattress changes with time and it results in the formation of lumps at different parts. When you see your mattress turning lumpy, it indicates bad quality. It is difficult to sleep on a mattress with no proper support. It affects the vulnerable parts of your body that needs good support. When you sleep without good support it results in pain in the muscles. Change your mattress before it turns absolutely lumpy and help yourself sleep peacefully. 


Allergens, dust mites, bed bugs, dirt, etc. start settling on your mattress from day 1. It depends on how frequently you wash the cover and how o keep it clean. Eventually, the inner part of the mattress absorbs the allergens and dust mites and it forms a layer beneath the cover. When the mattress turns old, it becomes hollow from inside and these allergens and mites run towards the surface to hide. When you start sneezing or seeing reactions on your skin after coming in touch with your mattress, replace it.  

Smells bad

Allergens, dust mites & bed bugs are reasons why mattress release a bad smell. Initially, when the mattress is new, it is capable of absorbing allergens, dust and dirt mites, dead skin cells scaled out while sleeping, and sweat released all night. Later when the mattress is used, it gradually starts releasing the bad smell. If you wake up from good sleep because of an uncomfortable bad smell, it’s time to change your mattress.