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The darker your room, the better your sleep



It is evident that dim light helps you sleep calmly, but science-backed the facts that the darker the room, the better your sleep. White and bright color reflects light whereas dark color absorbs it. Bright colors are capable of making the environment fresh and alive. Such an environment can keep you away from a deep slumber. “Lights off” is a term that reminds us about the ‘time to sleep’ every time we hear it from an early age. Ever wondered why ‘lights off’ were so important while you sleep? Lights impact you psychologically and can manipulate your brain while you sleep. Our body is habitual to absorb lights while working or during day time. When light reflects on your eyes while you are sleeping, the brain obstructs the secretion of sleep hormones- melatonin. Melatonin maintains the sleep-wake cycle of the body. Our body works according to the circadian rhythm- 24 hours cycle which helps the brain to understand and differentiate day and night. The circadian rhythm understands the difference through the exposure of light. Dark provokes sleepy and relaxed behavior while light and bright make a fresh and active environment. Sleeping in light can keep you deprived of good sleep and can cause many health problems. 

     Darkroom is an essential part of sleep hygiene. A comfortable mattress, pillows, blanket, duvet, and a dark room with dark-colored accessories make perfect sleep hygiene. It is not the dark that brings good sleep but the elimination of white does. Shades like dark blue, navy blue, gray-blue, gray-black, etc are some finest examples of dark colors that help you add good value to your sleep hygiene. People tend to get confused while designing the interiors of their bedrooms. When it comes to making the room darker than the rest, the focus shift towards walls. According to experts, it is much better to invest in blackout shades or blindouts than dark walls. When it’s dark outside and lights turned off, the colors of the walls don’t matter much. Darkness influences your sleep much. It has many psychological and physical benefits for your health. If you sleep in a room with light, it is time you consider changing the environment in which you sleep.

Heres are the points that prove ‘the darker your room, the better your sleep’,

  • Complete darkness makes it easier to sleep

When you go to bed after turning the lights off, your body starts relaxing. Darkness promotes the production of the sleep hormone- melatonin. Melatonin helps us to fall asleep quickly. A single ray of light reflecting over the eyelid can cause disturbances while you sleep. It confuses your brain between day and night. And the production of melatonin gets affected. 

  • Darkness lessens the chances of depression

Light disturbs the circadian rhythm of the body. When you rest in the light, it can cause disturbances while you sleep. The circadian rhythm gets affected causing a mental imbalance. Sleeping near a source of light and can keep you away from a deep slumber. Lack of sleep can cause stress anxiety and depression.  When you sleep in darkness, you sleep peacefully. It reduces the chances of disturbed sleep and also lessens the chances of depression. 

  • Darkness reduces diabetes

The study explained that light exposure while sleeping can harm the sugar level of the body. It can increase the level of diabetes because of restless sleep. In fact, studies also prove that exposure to light while sleeping can affect insulin resistance in the body. 

  • Darkness relieves eye strains

Heavy exposure to light causes eye strains. Sleeping in dark protects your eyes and helps to rest properly. It is evident that people who sleep with lights on or are exposed to lights more experience myopia issues. Darkness relieves eye strain that gives you a stress-free and relaxed sleep. 

  • Sleeping in the dark keeps you fit

Sleeping in dark can help you get the most peaceful and sound sleep. It makes you physically fit and mentally stable. Sound sleep helps you combat psychological problems. Many nutritionists and dieticians advise sleeping in the dark as it helps to set the circadian rhythm of the body and stimulate the metabolism parameters of the body.