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“Early to bed, Early to Rise, Makes a man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise” by benjamin franklin. 

There are many quotes about rising early and its benefits. But have you ever wondered about how to make it a routine? Early risers are more capable of working sanely and with rational minds compared to others. 

The guide to “early to bed, early to rise” starts with the motivation which “makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Some may acknowledge it as a myth and fail to see how beneficial it can be. Staying up late can affect the circadian rhythm of your body and result in a disruptive sleep routine. There are many health benefits of waking up early. It can keep you physically fit, mentally stable, and help you become a better human being in a more positive way. Early to bed early to rise can make you more energetic and productive. You look positive and can also bring a natural glow to your face. If you have tried to make “early to bed, early to rise” as a daily routine but have failed, 

Here's the guide to, “Early to bed, early to rise” routine, 

  1. Good sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene means a perfect combination of all the elements that contribute to your good sleep. A good sleep environment that includes darkroom lights, a comfortable mattress, a soft & fluffy pillow, a duvet and a peaceful environment are important elements of sleep hygiene along with a comfortable night suit and room temperature. Good sleep hygiene can help you sleep quickly. If you think the environment is not sleep oriented, make the changes required. Your sleep environment plays a vital role in your sleep routine. The quality of sleep you get solely depends on your sleep hygiene. It is always a good bedtime habit that helps you with, “early to bed, early to rise” routine. 

      2. Wake up for a reason

Schedule some good activities to be done once you wake up. Spend time doing something that you find satisfying and pleasurable. Waking up to just wander and ponder can make you feel demotivated about getting up early. Instead, do something that drives your interest or simply exercise or meditate. Take a morning walk to admire nature and its beauty. This can embed positivity and can help you spend your day with great energy. Take full advantage of the time you get. Read books or do something that you have on your to-do list. Don't let your time go wasted. 

      3. Start with little change

Don’t begin with hours but 15-20 minutes. Immediate changes can not work and can even make you sick. But changing your time gradually can help you adjust the circadian rhythm of your body. It helps your body adapt to the changes and can help you turn it into a habit steadily. Starting with a little change can bring a big difference. 

     4. Keep your alarm clock away

Don’t keep your alarm clock within your reach. You may end up snoozing it off. If it is kept out of your reach, you will have to get out of your bed to turn it off. Once you get up and move out of your bed, your sleep breaks off. Now you feel awaken and you stop feeling that urge to sleep. Set alarms for every 5 mins after your set time for the beginning. Once you adapt to the habit of waking up early, you will find yourself awake before your alarm goes off. 

     5. Avoid going back to bed 

Avoid going back to bed after turning off your alarm. You may find it difficult at the very beginning. But gradually you will develop a habit. To stop the urge of sleeping again, open the curtains of your room, let yourself soak in some sun rays. Move out of your sleeping space and let some fresh air hit your face. 

You will find it difficult to wake up early in the beginning. But you can make it a habit slowly. Engaging yourself in exhaustive exercises during the daytime can help you fall asleep soon at night. Start with making changes in your sleep environment while making “early to bed, early to rise” a routine.