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What type of pillow is best to choose

Bedrooms are incomplete without pillows. In Fact, you can sleep peacefully only when you have the right pillow. Do you ever wake up kinking your neck and wondering how you slept last night? Right  Pillow can add extra comfort to your sleep. It keeps the neck and back aligned to other parts of your body.  The mattress can give enough support to your body while sleeping but for the head, shoulder, and neck you need a pillow that maintains a proper balance. A right pillow can avoid neck and shoulder pain. Just like the decor of your bedroom adds up to its ambiance, the Right pillow can add good value to your sleep hygiene.  It can also help you develop a proper sleep environment. If you are confused about what pillow to choose, here are few points that help you choose the best pillow, 


Sleep pattern/position

Pillows differ for side sleepers, back sleepers, and the ones who sleep on their stomach. Softness and firmness vary to make you sleep peacefully. If you are a side sleeper choose a pillow that is soft and lets your face sink in without disturbance.  If you are a  back sleeper, a foam pillow can be a suitable option for you.  Memory foam pillows can keep your body aligned for proper support. If you sleep on your stomach, Memory foam pillows can make the best pillows for you. Memory foam pillows are not bouncy and adapt to the shape of your body which ensures no disturbances while sleeping.



Pillows are usually in direct contact with your skin. It collects dead skin cells and sweat all night. Germs and bacteria find their homes too inside the pillow. Using a pillow which is gel-infused can keep such allergens away. Acnes and pimples are the results of such allergens from the pillow. Sometimes hair fall can also be seen if the pillow contains chemicals. It is important to check the particles carried and infused in the pillow to avoid dirt and germ collection. 


Avoids heat

The traditional pillow can generate heat as it is knitted inside out with chemical infused particles. But memory foam pillows- traditional and contour avoid heat traps and keep the pillow cool through its cooling gel-infused property. This heat trap can affect your skin through skin infection. It can affect your sleep too. To avoid a pillow that traps heat easily is of utmost importance. Pillows that keep the surface cool even on warmer nights can make good pillows while sleeping.

Back neck pain

Many people face back and neck pains. Parts like the back, neck, and shoulders need proper support and alignment with the body while sleeping.  When the pillow fails to provide sufficient support, the muscles start to sore. This can result in severe pain in the neck, shoulder, back, and spine. Using memory foam contour pillows can reduce the pain completely. Memory foam contour pillows are doctors recommended for people facing back pains and neck pains. The selection of the right pillow can keep you away from such aches and pains. 


With the number of variants in pillows available, the type of comfort pillows can provide differs. It depends on how firm and soft support you want your body. The type of comfort depends on your sleeping posture and preference too. Some pillows are firmer than usual while some are softer. The type of comfort a pillow can give changes with the change invariant. Foam can be softer or firmer. It depends on what type of support you are comfortable with for your body. 


Why compromise with your sleep when you are anyway investing good resources? Choose a pillow that helps you sleep peacefully without any disturbance and makes a good part of your sleeping environment. 


To tackle your different sleeping issues may not be a one-day job. It takes time and happens gradually. One change that you can make to inculcate a good sleep pattern and routine and healthy environment is to change things that form the sleep-environment. Change it to a more comfortable and soothing mattress or pillows or duvets.