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When is the right time to replace the old mattress?


Waiting for the right time to replace the old mattress? Have you checked the status of your mattress lately? Well, it’s okay if you haven’t. The majority of people who use mattresses for sleeping purpose never take care of its well-being and condition. It is true that the health of the mattress determines the quality of sleep. An old mattress can invite many sleep-related problems that can affect your health both mentally and physically.  Usually, people keep a track of the warranty period to count on the expiry date for a mattress. However, in reality, the expiry dates of a mattress never depend on the warranty period. 

        The cover of the mattress may not disclose the inner condition. But the foam or spring used inside the mattress starts losing its original shape and transforms into lumps after few years of use. The life of the mattress also depends on the way it is used. Taking care of the mattress, preventing spillage of food and water, washing the covers and sheets regularly, rotating and flipping it frequently can increase the life span of a mattress. However, if not taken care of properly, the mattress can turn old even before the due of the warranty period. 

    Just like signs of aging in humans, the mattress also shows some signs that help conclude it as old and replaceable. It is crucial to pay heed to these signs and replace the mattress before it starts causing health issues. Neglecting such signs of aging can cause sleep-related serious issues too. If you haven’t checked the status of your mattress lately, and are confused about its replacement, a list of signs below can help you figure out, 


Here’s signs of aging that call out the right time to replace the mattress, 


Sore muscles

As time passes, the mattress becomes lumpy. All the composition starts clogging at different parts prohibiting proper support to the body. Mattresses are designed in a way to support heavier parts and help muscles relax while sleeping. When the mattress becomes old, the capacity to provide support reduces. Shoulders, back, neck and hips are some parts that require absolute support. Due to its lumpy surface, it obstructs the mattress from adapting the shape of these parts. Less support and reduced holding of the body encourage sore muscles. It pumps out the muscles and can also affect blood circulation. Along with affecting sleep, it also affects health aspects. When you start feeling sore muscles after a long sleep, it’s time to bid bye to your mattress. 


Proper mattresses are actual remedies for back pain. Using orthopedic memory foam mattresses regularly can help you combat back pain easily. But sometimes, mattresses are the ones causing pains when turning old. The back, spine, and neck need a proper alignment when the body is at rest. Mattresses are specifically used to maintain the alignment of the body while sleeping. However, when it turns old or is never rotated or flipped, the lumps get clogged at one particular side and spoil the support. Lack of support and alignment while sleeping can cause back pain. When you start suffering from back pains frequently, it’s time you start looking out for a replacement. 


New-gen mattresses are infused with anti-allergens and bacteria protective gels. However, when mattresses turn old, they make good homes for dirt, dust mites, and allergens. Apart from this, our body shreds lakhs of dead skin cells every night along with sweat. When all these particles are absorbed by sheets and mattresses, it causes allergies. Washing and cleaning the covers and bedsheets can help for years. But when it is absorbed by the inner composition, it becomes difficult to remove. It is thrown out with every pat and tap, hence stuck on the skin while sleeping. When you start feelings rashes and itching over your body, continuously, consider changing your mattress. It is nothing but allergens inside your mattress having fun! 

Restless sleep

Clogged lumps and torn-out inner compositions make sleeping difficult in your preferred position. It can keep you awake for long. Old mattresses are a disruption in sleep hygiene too. When the body fails to get proper support while sleeping, deep sleep becomes difficult. It results in frequent sleep ruptures and creates a fractured sleep schedule. Restless sleep can further cause restless leg syndrome and other sleep disorders. Neglecting such signs can increase health problems. When you start sleeping restlessly, it is time you consider changing your mattress. A mattress that provides enough support can help combat the majority of the sleep issues. 

Time’s up

Everything comes with a warranty, so do mattresses. Lifespan on the card may address a decade, but depending on the way it is used, the warranty period can differ. Sometimes, when the mattress is used with the utmost care, it can last a year or two longer. Similarly, when it used roughly, the lifespan decreases because of wear and tear. However, as and when the warranty finishes, the time is up. Using a mattress outside the warranty can only invite health and sleep problems. It keeps good sleep at bay and helps dust mites make a home inside the mattress. When the warranty finishes, consider changing the mattress within a year or the next couple of months. 

    If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs of aging, it’s time you say your mattress goodbye and start hunting for a new sleep companion.  


To tackle such issues may not be a one-day job. It takes time and happens gradually. One change that you can make to inculcate a good sleep pattern and routine and healthy environment is to change things that form the sleep-environment. Change it to a more comfortable and soothing mattress or pillows or duvets.