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Mr. Tajani
Founder & A 'Sleep-Expert'
Abdullah Tajani Sosleepy

An experience spanning more than eight years in the Mattress Industry gave us an insight into the offline and online Futon Business. So we decided to use this knowledge and expertise while sowing the seed for SoSleepy. Contrary to 'the more, the merrier, our esteemed team came forward with just two mattresses designed to perfection, Making the choose-buy-receive a laid-back process. Working in the logistics department in the past made it easier for us to learn and relate to the trade tricks.

"We make peaceful sleep an accessible dream."

Humans spend 26 years of their life sleeping, that’s nearly 1/3rd of our life. At SoSleepy, we understand the importance of adequate sleep and time in the millennial life, we understand the importance of right posture and sound sleep; and we also understand the value of the faith our customers put in our products.So, we created a mattress that redefines hassle-free purchasing experience.

24Hrs Mattress Delivery

At SoSleepy, we understand the importance and impact of good sleep. Our minimal high-end products, 48-hours dispatch service, and simplified unfolding process is curated to offer a piece of comfort to our customers. Through our product and delivery services, we aim to complete satisfaction combined with ease into individuals' already hectic daily lives.

Why choose Sosleepy?

Every Product at SoSleepy is made with precision and appreciation of our customers. We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with each product delivery, and for that, our team works diligently. Considering all the hardships faced while purchasing a mattress offline, we made placing orders a fully online procedure, a few clicks, and you are good to go.

We know that a human being takes time to adjust in a new sleeping environment. A 125 days Risk-Free trial period allows our customers to experience the coziness of our mattresses and, if found unsatisfactory, the choice to quickly return.

Our products dispatched within a span of 48-hours from the time of order, and we offer an extended 12 years warranty. With innovation in technology, we believe in growing with the nation. From raw materials to distribution, we contribute to our country by choosing 100% Make In India. Every time you purchase a mattress from SoSleepy you indirectly help many individuals and directly contribute to our country’s economy. We create and commit only to ensure that our customers get the best possible sleep, cause your good sleep is our end goal.

We believe in growing, and glorifying with our nation alongside. Atma Nirbhar Bharat popularly known as The Make in India campaign, helps India grow independently and rapidly. We as an Indian brand are an active part of it. Right from procuring raw materials, to end-to-end

Bringing evolution | One mattress at a time!
Our Porducts

A good sleep requires not just a good mattress but also a comfy pillow and duvet. Check out our collection of pillows, duvets and mattress protectors for an overall peaceful sleep experience.

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