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Sosleepy Mattress Features


If you are looking for a mattress that helps you get peaceful sleep, then you must try mattresses from Sosleepy. With many reasons to choose Sosleepy mattresses comes with125 days risk-free trials and 12 years warranty top the list.Use the mattress, sleep on it and if you are not satisfied, you can return it and claim your 100% refund. We at Sosleepy are confident about the quality of our products and we ask you to handover your sleep worries to us for the next 12 years.

    Mattresses at Sosleepy are available in two variants, Orthopedic, and Therapedic. Both the mattresses are engineered to assure you experience deep and rejuvenating sleep.  

  1.     Sosleepy Therapedic mattresses are designed for sleepers who prefer comfortable and softer mattresses. Our Innovative Therapedic mattress is Super Inclusive and is developed especially to suit all body types, shapes and sizes. It does so by adapting to the body postures of the sleeper. Our Therapedic mattresses adjust automatically to meet the body's requirement while sleeping, ensuring highest comfort throughout the body.
  2.     Sosleepy Orthopedic mattresses are engineered for sleepers who require back support or/and are from age group 50+. Orthopedic mattresses provide utmost support to the back and spine which helps with body aches. The Super Soft foam used in Orthopedic mattresses adds some softness to the otherwise firm Highly Responsive foam. The Highly responsive foam prevents sinking of the hips and provides unparalleled back support.

Unique features 

Mattress in a box : 

Sosleepy mattress gets delivered at your doorstep within 2 days from the day of order. Mattresses are rolled and wrapped in a smart double vacuum packaging before dispatch. This provides support to the mattress while transportation and makes sure your mattress comes in the perfect shape. The double vacuum also prevents the too and fro of germs and upholds utmost hygiene. After receiving your pack of comfort, all you have to do is to roll onto the bed and see the charm of the mattress unfolding itself.


    Zipper cover :

    Mattresses at Sosleepy are wrapped in stylish zippered covers for comfortable use. The zips are allocated at the corners to avoid disturbances in sleep. These covers are specially designed for easy removal and put on after washing purposes. Washing covers regularly and replacing them at frequent intervals can maintain hygienic softness, and increase the durability of the mattress. 

    Uninterrupted air ventilation :

    Unlike most types of fabric, which feature closely-woven textures, the mesh is woven loosely, which results in thousands of tiny holes being present in each mesh garment. The Mesh fabric used at the sidewalls of the mattress promotes airflow and ventilation. The flow of air makes your sleeping experience cool and fresh. This is achieved with the help of the Open Cell Structure of our mattresses. 

    Keeps you Cool :

    Cooling gel is used in every foam to keep the mattress fresh. Often when you sleep at one place for a longer period the mattress heats up, causing discomfort. Our top layer is infused with Cooling gel to make sure you sleep comfortably even during the warmer nights.

    Anti-skid :

    An anti-skid bottom, as well as a removable zipper, cover further make using our mattresses ‘less bother and more convenient.’ Simply unzip, wash and your mattress will be as good as new.  

    Odour Free :

    The memory foam inside the mattress is Charcoal Particles infused,  it prevents dust collection over the years and keeps the mattress clean and hygienic. 

    Anti-allergic :

    The Top layer of our mattresses are charcoal infused. Charcoal with its antibacterial properties can help lift acne causing bacteria from the pores. Charcoal also prevents the settling of dust inside the mattress and makes sure you wake up with clean and fresh skin. The charcoal particles keep the allergens away and prevent itching including other skin problems related to mattress after years of use. 

    Sweat free nights :

    Memory foam Mattresses at Sosleepy can modulate the temperature according to the weather. It avoids heat absorption during warmer nights and keeps the mattress cool. Whereas during winter, the highly responsive memory foam regulates the temperature according to your body requirements. Sosleepy mattresses assure you sweat-free nights. The density of the memory foam is crafted especially to improve blood circulation and give you a better sleep.

    Zero partner disturbance :

    Mattresses at Sosleepy are manufactured using Virgin Grade highly Responsive Memory foam. This promotes elasticity and supports force exerted on it, leading to Zero Partner Disturbance, and ensures that you sleep without any discomfort. Memory foam ensures that you get a sound sleep without interruption. 

    Uninterrupted sleep :

    The memory foam used in the mattress contracts when you sleep. The memory foam ensures that no part of your body sinks more than required. Also, the mattress provides support according to the pressure applied. This gives your body the required support. It makes sure you sleep peacefully during the night, with no interruptions and makes you feel like sleeping on the cloud. 

    Reversible :

    Mattresses at Sosleepy are engineered to be used from both sides. If you feel that the side you are using is a bit softer than what you expect, turn the mattress and use it. Similarly, if you feel the side you are using is firm and you want softer support, turn the mattress. The mattress will provide the support you need when used reversibly. So if you are deprived of good sleep and crave for some uninterrupted sound sleep, try Sosleepy memory foam mattress Now!

    Trouble-free maintenance :

    With the advancement in technology, trouble-free maintenance has become easier. Mattresses at Sosleepy are wrapped in a stylish zippered cover for easy removal and washing purposes. No extra detergent or dust spray required. Easy washing in the machine can clean it and make it as good as new.

    Available in any size :

    We at Sosleepy understand that size requirements differ from household to household. We at SoSleepy manufacture sizes according to your need. We also offer some Standard Sizes to make the process of buying hassle free. Sosleepy mattress offers all sizes like single,double, queen, and king along with a mattress of your customized size.


      Who should buy a Therapedic mattress

      Therapedic memory foam mattresses are suitable for all body types. Therapedic memory foam mattresses are specially designed to provide the most comfortable and peaceful sleep to its sleepers. Engineered with two layers of foam, it ensures that the body gets the utmost support and zero disturbances all night. From Children and Sports Persons with varied Activity, working class citizens with little to no activity. Indian Families sharing the bed space, to Bachelors. The mattress is engineered to cater to the needs and provide equal comfort to one and all. Sleepers who look for comfortable mattress support and deepest sleep all night without interruption should choose a therapedic mattress. 

      Who should buy an Orthopedic mattress

      Orthopedic mattresses are specially engineered for sleepers who face frequent back pain or are from the age group of 50+. The soft yet firm support from the mattress keeps the back aligned and assures deepest and uninterrupted sleep all night. Orthopaedic mattresses are ideal for people who require extra back support while sleeping and/or are over the age of 50. This mattress is engineered to provide extra support to the body. Our Orthopedic mattress has a moderate firm feel making it perfect for older parents. 

      Softness scale

      Mattresses at Sosleepy are available in two variants- Therapedic and Orthopedic. The Foundation of both the mattress is of Highly Responsive foam to provide the required support to the body and prevent bouncy nature. 

      The Top Layer of  Therapedic mattress consists of Memory Foam, and can be measured at 9/10 on a softness scale. The contraction of the foam lets you sleep peacefully with uninterrupted sleep all night. 

      The top layer of the Orthopedic mattress is of Super Soft foam and can be measured at a 6/10 on the softness scale, as it requires firmer support to reduce back pain and the contraction of the mattress.Sosleepy's orthopedic mattress is the best mattress for back pain.

      Hassle-free buying and delivery process

      At Sosleepy, we understand the pain that a customer goes through while ordering and delivering a mattress in an offline process. Here at Sosleepy, we aim to make that process easy, simple, and hassle-free. Mattresses at Sosleepy are manufactured in India which makes the delivery within India Quick and Easy. The shipment procedure starts once you confirm the order.At Sosleepy Buying mattresses online is not really difficult. All you have to do is to just log in to the Sosleepy mattress website, select the best one, and place an order without worrying about the delivery. Your pack of comfort dispatches within 24 hrs. of your order. Our logistics team works hard to make sure that your pack of comfort reaches you safely and on time. 


      Sosleepy’s vision

      At Sosleepy, we understand the importance of adequate sleep and time in the millennial life, we understand the importance of right posture and sound sleep, and we also understand the value of the faith our customers put in our products. So, we created a mattress that redefines the hassle-free purchasing experience. At Sosleepy, we understand the importance and impact of good sleep. Our minimal high-end products, 24-hours dispatch service, and simplified unfolding process are curated to offer a piece of comfort to our customers. Through our product and delivery services, we aim to complete satisfaction combined with ease into individuals' already hectic daily lives.



      At Sosleepy, we understand the importance and impact of good sleep. Our minimal high-end products, 6-7 days delivery service, and simplified unfolding process is curated to offer a piece of comfort to our customers. Through our product and delivery services, we aim to complete satisfaction combined with ease into individuals' already hectic daily lives.