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When you live in a busy city with heavy traffic like Chennai and follow a tiring work or home routine, then our beds are the most friendly places where our soul finds peace. Only an absolutely comfortable bed is the satisfying source of relief from a stressful day, but what makes the bed pleasant is its mattress! Mattresses play a crucial role in making the bed snugly and warm; however, the problem arises when you set your mind to hunt down the right mattress that supports your body and promote good posture.

Nonetheless, these are not the only things you need to consider before buying a mattress for yourself since the type mattress which is generally considered good may not suit you and it may cause back pain and several other problems. Considering all your needs and requirements and putting your comfort level a top priority in our mind, Sosleepy has emerged as a top mattress brand online along with offering several other products like Duvets, Pillows, Mattress,
Protector and Topper within a reasonable price range.

We also offer orthopedic mattress, best memory foam mattress in India and HR foam which will make your sleep pleasurable without having to settle down for anything less than the best and without putting your budget at risk. Sosleepy is best for buying mattress online in Chennai as we come in regards to giving exclusive benefits to our customers which are without equal throughout the market in Chennai. Our online mattress brands are cool and odorless since our
memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal which helps in keeping the mattress hygienic and it also manages the temperature of the mattress.

Our mattresses are durable and known for rendering the same level of comfort even after years of use as HR foam offers extreme elasticity and sturdy support to your neck, head, and spine. There are several features that separate us from any regular company and they are mentioned below.

● Sosleepy is among the best mattress brands online in when it comes to customized mattresses so that you don't have to compromise for any other size which is abundantly available in the market. Now you can buy the right mattress that suits your body type and gives you the warm feeling which you deserve after an exhausting day.
● Our mattresses are directly delivered from the factory at your doorstep so now you can be worry-free as you don't have to worry about troubling your self or any third party for your mattress delivery.
● If there is a possibility that the mattress you received has any manufacturing fault, you can rest assured as we give 10 years warranty on our mattresses. You can also experience first hand what your mattress feels like and if it's up to your expectations as we also offer 30 days free trial on our mattresses.
● You can save on your deals with Sosleepy and to put a cherry on top, we give coupons to avail discount on each product. Sosleepy falls among top mattress brands online and therefore, it should definitely be considered whenever you are out for buying a mattress online.